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The hearts of the staff to care for

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The hearts of the staff to care for


 Group distributed a birthday cake for the staff

(Reporter Lingyue) With the deepening of the work group, the company continued development of innovative cultural construction, as well as deeper reflect Tianhai Group continues to further synchronize the humane management, further highlighting the "employee first" corporate values, the company initiated and requires all branches to distribute staff birthday cake, birthday wishes expressed employees, staff in the company has the warmth of home, feel the company's care, love, so as to stimulate employees greater enthusiasm .

Over the years, "a sea" gradually formed its own unique corporate culture, the company management work "humane" management is an important aspect, the company gave employees a wide range of benefits, its purpose is to build healthy, beautiful and harmonious atmosphere for business, enterprise employees work life can be the company's concern and care, staff in the "sea days" not just to get paid, but also get a healthy body, but also a home-like family integration. Birthday family, close friends an everyday way of communication, the company in this way into the category of enterprise culture, employees and the company is to be able to form a unique blend of friendship and build a harmonious labor, work and living environment.

At present, companies are company employees about the significance of this initiative, and will be August 24, 2009 started. It is understood that the distribution process is a staff birthday cake, by the statistical office staff's birthday, the Ministry of Manpower is responsible for custom birthday cake. Each branch head in the day after receiving the notice of the Ministry of Manpower to collect the cake, in the employee's birthday by the employee in charge of the cake to my own hands the hands of the leadership.