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The First Conference of the China Automotive Engineering Society Gear Technology Branch and the 18th Annual Academic Meeting

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The First Conference of the China Automotive Engineering Society Gear Technology Branch and the 18th Annual Academic Meeting



China Society of Automotive Engineering Technology Branch first gear members of Congress and the Eighteenth Annual Conference held elected Lu Chao Lu Yuan-Jiang Wei Zhuren members elected as Secretary-General

(Reporter Zhang Yushan Lingyue) September 7 to 8, Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers gear technology branch of the first members of Congress and the Eighteenth Annual Conference to be held in Harbin. Secretary-General of China Society of Automotive Engineering Zhang Jinhua, China Automotive Engineering Society Organization Liaison Department Zhaoyue Lan, China gear expert Wang Sheng Tong invited to attend. Jinghai County Vice Chairman of Tianjin Hai Group Chairman Lu Chao opening statement. Gear technology branch of member units and related industries, business representatives, research institutes, universities, international friends, the media, etc. More than 190 representatives attended the meeting.

This session is to learn the history of the development of the future, a landmark event for the industry. The theme is: prosperity academic exchanges, promote scientific and technological progress. The main tasks are: to learn to listen to the work report of the Standing Committee; the annual keynote speech; election gear technology branch of the governing bodies; learn to listen to their superiors speech; the convening of the first gear technology branch of the Standing Committee; domestic and international technology exchange; Annual papers published and the commendation excellent papers and learn activists; celebrate gear technology branch was established and performances. The meeting elected Lu Chao of China Society of Automotive Engineering Gear Technology branch chairman, Chen Yong, Wu Changhong, Shabdrung hair, Ma Yuan Jing, Wang Xinbo, Weihua Liang, Liu Yanchang as vice chairman. Lu Yuan-Jiang election as Secretary-General, as Deputy Secretary-General Xu Xiangyang. Election Xiade Jiang as honorary director of Gear Technology Branch, Yang Qi Huawei consultant. Gear Technology Branch released a list of the Committee of Experts, a total of 111 people. Recommended Wang Sheng Tong experts appointed director, deputy director Xia Dejiang experts.

Lu Chao, chairman speech at the opening ceremony. He said that 27 years, we have learned to rely firmly on the member companies of the broad participation of scientists, closely rely on scientific research institutes, experts and professors of universities focused on research and knowledge of the advantages of centralized power, closely rely on the strong entrepreneurial support, under the leadership and guidance of superiors learned, always adhere to academic guidance, realistic and innovative principles of democracy and will do, and always adhere to the technology services business purposes, and always adhere to create both a strong academic atmosphere, and depth to solve practical problems in business experiences obtained in exchange platform, is committed to carry out basic technology enterprise development to help, practical technology, advanced technology and industry key common technologies as the main content of academic activities. Society distinctive characteristics of the industry and an active academic and practical characteristics, by members of appreciation and support. We became a step by step development at home and abroad with high visibility and greater influence on the members of civil society rooted academic organizations, has become the mentor of gear industry, science and technology workers. Lu Chao pointed out that Chinese automotive automatic transmission market can form the future of imported products, foreign-oriented products, own brand third of the world pattern, the newly established technical branch of the gear will be duty-bound noble mission. To this end, we want to push forward the industrialization of automotive automatic transmission, anti-fatigue promote solid long-life gear manufacturing technology research and application, academic activities should be closely integrated with production practices and creative work of member companies the majority of engineering and technical personnel, lost all illusions, master the core technology. He concluded by saying that we are in a great historical era of innovation and change, never, come, let us courage to act, the former pragmatic line, dare to go beyond, go hand in hand, ride on the momentum difference. During the meeting, chairman of Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. Weihua Liang welcoming remarks, Secretary-General of the Committee Xia Dejiang gear machining work report to learn. The meeting elected gear technology branch chairman, the Secretary-General of the Standing Committee. Gear industry expert Wang Sheng Tong do "recommendations on automobile transmission optimization and upgrading of industrial structure," the keynote speech. During the meeting, scheduled Germany LS, British SMT companies, seven foreign companies and technological exchanges.