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Tianhai Group Synchronization 2014 Science and Technology Conference Successfully Held

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Tianhai Group Synchronization 2014 Science and Technology Conference Successfully Held

(Reporter Bai Wenling) March 16, Tianjin Tianhai synchronization Group held its third Science and Technology Conference, a solemn recognition of major scientific and technological achievement awards g

(Reporter Bai Wenling) March 16, Tianjin Tianhai synchronization Group held its third Science and Technology Conference, a solemn recognition of major scientific and technological achievement awards group, outstanding contributions to scientific and technological personnel and advanced workers, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises and scientific and technological progress efforts to achieve innovation and development group. Jinghai County Deputy Magistrate for the day Cuiyue Ping Hai Group synchronization technology incubator inaugurated. County Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman Yao Jinming County, Tianhai Group Chairman Lu Chao synchronization is synchronous Tianhai Group postdoctoral inaugurated. Yu Guangzhou Springs County Science and Technology Commission, deputy director of Dong Jing, deputy director of the county committee of Du Hongming award winning scientists. Secretary-General of China Association invited its gear Li Sheng. Group of senior experts Xia Dejiang, Zhang Hongyuan participate.

County leaders first to Tianhai Group synchronization technology incubators and the establishment of post-doctoral workstations congratulations to the company by the recognition of science and technology workers to extend my cordial greetings. Pointed out that through the synchronization Tianhai Group Technology Conference, saw the group in the past year has made the fruits of science and technology, enterprises feel good research atmosphere. Over the years, Tianhai Group always adhere to the synchronization technology to improve the quality of technology to create effective development of ideas, in a knowledge-based, innovation, leadership team, led by lead and build a lean and efficient R & D team and technology backbone, to create a respect for knowledge and science and technology, talent atmosphere. Faced with an increasingly competitive market, hoping to further strengthen the Group Tianhai synchronization independent innovation, play a leading role in the county enterprises; to strengthen the scientific and technological personnel training and education, to play a leading role model for thousands of enterprises upgrading activities undertaken in the county ; science and technology to strengthen the carrier construction, and play technology incubators and postdoctoral advantage, and strengthening ties with well-known institutions, to promote research the depth of cooperation. We hope all the days of sea synchronization Group employees to carry forward the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation in technology continue to make new achievements, and strive for the county's fast economic development and make contributions.

Lu Chao good days on the implementation of the transformation and upgrading sea synchronization group "Four Steps" to make arrangements. First, accelerate the existing automotive transmission industry chain innovation, seize the automatic transmission, new energy automotive industry of opportunity, as well as new opportunities haze economy, vigorously develop forging, synchronizers, planetary line, AMT, E3AT , TCU, motor controllers, light vehicle chassis pure electric vehicle power technology. Second, the use of sea-day America, Europe Tianhai Center, Hangzhou technology center platform based on the Group services for domestic and foreign manufacturing bi-agent import and export business, the development of manufacturing high-end services. Third, the big technology incubator, the introduction of high-level scientific research projects at the University of the United States, ten hatching one hundred SME, the formation of incubators - Industrialization - GEM business processes, Jinghai economic transformation and upgrading to make contributions. Fourth, it is cross-border business model innovation, the use of large Internet and mobile Internet platform, to achieve seamless Chinese American research and technology needs, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China and the innovation and development in the next five to 10 years. We hope that all the Group's employees to actively adapt to innovation and change of the times, give full play to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, asked him the spirit and intentions of everyone striving to create innovators, everyone is an innovator atmosphere, with continuous innovation to provide non-enterprise exhaust power.

Group Vice President, Party branch secretary, CAST president Lv Zhongcheng of Science and Technology in 2013 to do the work summary and 2014 Report on the Work of Science and Technology. Vice president of the company, Tianhai Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang Xueze synchronous read recognition of the decision. Lu Chao Meng Zhaojun award for the outstanding contribution expert. Yu Guangzhou Science and Technology Commission Springs County, Dong Jing, deputy director of the county committee, deputy director Du Hongming were awarded the Science and Technology Achievement Award, papers published award, advanced science and technology workers in the art award. Group vice president, general manager Mo Chun Wing German Transmission Co., the company vice president, general manager Weng Jun Tian Hai Precision Forging Co., Ltd., general manager of Tianjin Wang bao sync Power Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Hangzhou Tianhai Technology Center Synchronization Group Feng Jianrong , award-winning staff were awarded certificates and prizes. CAST Group of the Secretary-General, Deputy General Manager Lu source synchronous Technologies AG Jiang made the statement of the General Assembly. Old expert Zhang Hongyuan speech. Advanced science and technology workers representatives Luo Hongping, award on behalf of Xue Rui position statement were made.