Tianjin Tianhai synchronous group recruitment

  Tianjin Tianhai synchronous group limited company is located in the Tianjin Development Zone of Jinghai, is a high-tech enterprise of independent research and development, processing and manufacturing of automobile transmission core parts and other auto transmission device as a whole. Group four enterprises, including Tianjin Tianhai synchronizer Co. Ltd., Tianjin Tianhai Precision Forging Co., Ltd., Tianjin Zhongde transmission Co. Ltd. and Tianjin Phoenix Property Management Limited company, the total number of employees more than 1700 people, the group has 150 professional and technical personnel, senior engineering and technical experts 25 people, has a strong technical research and development platform. The group's total assets of 600000000 yuan, the main products include automotive synchronizer products more than 230 species, a total of more than 600 kinds of specifications, annual production capacity of 10000000 pieces of. Forging products to stamping, cold extrusion, perfect detection means. Zhongde transmission products in independent development and the general assembly as a whole, with passenger car plant synchronous development system and modular energy-saving environmental protection transmission tier one suppliers. Tianhai synchronous group customer groups throughout the domestic and foreign many powerful manufacturers, such as John Deal, Berg American Warner, Italy Carraro, HA company, Dongfeng, Chery, Dongan Mitsubishi, French special, Castle Peak, FAW etc.. Because of the need to expand the size of sincere hire the following staff

  Machinery manufacturing machinery design and automation technology and equipment

  Engineering design and manufacture of die vehicle (transmission direction)

  Mechanical and electrical integration of Electronic Information Engineering (weak direction)

  Financial accounting for plastic forming

  The above professional recruit fresh graduates, bachelor degree or above, have working experience preferred (including college graduate) special machinery equipment maintenance personnel, logistics personnel (not limited to professional)

  Salary: 2000-8000 yuan / month + 5 danger one gold

  Contact person: Mr. Sun Mobile: 18602620612 office telephone: 68609738

  Ms. Qi Mobile: 18622158163 office telephone: 68609322

  E-mail: 457908549@qq.com

  Company address: Jinghai Economic Development Zone No. 5 gold sea