Leadership speech


  Tianhai only in adapting to the market trend, and popular can claim the credit in the field of transmission parts, can have the development. Success factors include many, penetration in all aspects of enterprise management. But I think, the most important is the decision thinking way out, Tianhai should aim high enterprise, the enterprise is like a child, just a toddler, we determine the go synchronizer professional road, only a professional can focus, only a professional can manufacturing quality. In addition, Tianhai in opening up the market, build process stage professional Chinese synchronizer's honed Tianhai people unique firm and indomitable, dares enterprising entrepreneurial spirit, after 18 years of development history, the first generation, the second generation of entrepreneurs as Tianhai left a precious spiritual wealth, we call this "win, ideological inheritance difficulties" and the implementation of trust me in the enterprise behavior, it is this, their sharpness can cut through metal cohesion broke out in the right direction to release the tremendous force, so as to promote the development and growth of tianhai.
  Practice has proved, the pursuit of high-end products, lead the consumption is the development goal of every manufacturing enterprises, but the key is how to analysis, integration of resources to achieve it. Tianhai from small to big, from simple to adapt to the market to become the leader of auto parts industry, because the Tianhai stood in the whole automobile industry, macro analysis of the world car of the current situation and future development direction, starting from the end on the existing basis, strengthen the research and development of high-end products, to create new economic growth point and not be content with staying where one is hold, "a mu 3 distribute land". Tianhai has excellent is the technology R & D team, they and the technical team and think-tank team into one body, combined with the development of the automobile safety, environmental protection and comfort features, continue to launch new high-end products, do you want to "," satisfied with the products, I think this is the leader of charm, is the concrete embodiment innovation.
  As the saying goes "foresight", with the development of automobile industry, the state proposed regarding the automobile industry policy for energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, low carbon, auto industry is in urgent need of target. Tianhai very clear vehicle development demand, courageous and resolute decision of product development must be into the torrent, independent innovation, to break the foreign monopoly, not to move or retreat to walk the road of industrialization. Tianhai product development a major construction in different types of energy saving and environmental protection of the transmission and the transmission products, we developed a high precision synchronization device suitable for being widely used in AMT, the DCT transmission; planetary transmission products developed in AT, CVT transmission products application. Research and application of also developed the core parts of the automobile transmission system, these products are the future of automotive transmission need.
  Tianhai heavily in construction products and market at the same time, did not forget the good quality of products is closely related to advanced manufacturing equipment.In the past few years, tianhai technical modification and production capacity of the whole process introduced a large number of advanced equipment.In order to ensure the machining accuracy level, purchasing the Japan nachi company of the vertical broaching machine, large vertical machining center, gleason dry cutting gear hobbing machine, huettel and worm wheel grinding machine, villa rolling combined machine tool.Introduced YiXie Lin heat treatment line of continuous carburizing and quenching press units, Zaire, Italian automatic induction quenching machine tool school circular machine, etc. To ensure that the quality of the products after heat.In the measurement process, the introduction of MM companies in the United States, Italy three coordinates of gear measurement center machine, Mr Meyer contourgraph, mitutoyo roundness instrument, etc.Markus klinko nc broach grinding machine, hu and razor, CNC grinding machine, walter CNC tool and the auxiliary tool knife grinding machine for grinding roll provide quality assurance.The introduction of the advanced manufacturing equipment effectively guarantee the stability of the product manufacturing process and quality, precision spare parts at the same time efficient equipment can also be integrated low manufacturing cost.Tianhai manufacturing process technology innovation and performance, the company developing has a number of important technology innovation, the developed CNC cycloid machining technology, for example, the synchronizer gear set back taper machining, slider, locking horns processing on innovation, achieved by turning instead of milling, significantly enhance precision and machining efficiency of the product.Also developed for synchronizer gear set of locking the requirements of the special circular arc Angle single-blade screw machining technology, break through the processing of this kind of locking horns requirements limit, guarantee for the transmission shift performance boost.Planetary gear ring and is the research and development the overall medium frequency heating and quenching process, guarantees the accuracy for high-end gear transmission products quality, this is the domestic can guarantee of exclusive for John Deere parts.Tianhai manufacturer cooperation with world famous transmission based on leading product quality, cost, delivery and on the basis of the research and development capabilities.No, product quality has always been the cornerstone of cooperation, outside the quality of the products bearing the company's overall image and comprehensive strength, the user can satisfied with the quality of the continuation of the partnership.The meaning of quality is how to achieve the user's standard, recognised by user satisfaction, in order to ensure the tianhai strict quality management, we are equipped with the world advanced measurement testing equipment, perfect quality management standards, passed the TS \ 16949 international quality system certification and occupational safety and health system certification, all according to the process, according to the standard assessment.Established a new quality management oversight and rewards and punishment system, quality has a problem, or you.Delight, the tianhai company, managers and operators have formed "quality is enterprise's life" this ideology, clear equal importance of product quality and quality of work, the work behavior of quality consciousness is strong, with rhetoric is "bursting" flowers of the land quality.Nearly, I believe, this year the domestic auto industry is not advanced equipment manufacturing, independent innovation ability is not strong, lack of industry standards, lack of international cooperation of management level and the idea of cooperation, the domestic automobile industry is facing an embarrassing situation, for the impact of foreign brands in a state of aphasia.Car represents a country's development level, this is people are reluctant to face the reality.We, as the automotive components manufacturing enterprises, facing the globalization of market competition, must break the bottleneck restricting the development of Chinese independent brands.Tianhai, I think in the future development direction of auto transmission to grasp in advance, the adjustment of product structure and industrial upgrading, condensed developing power, with intense social sense of responsibility and sense of mission and the industry, to attack new areas and to realize the core parts of the transmission by hand movements automatic conversion, and to push related transmission products and grasp the development of world auto demand, to promote independent innovation enterprises upgrade, boost the rapid development of China's auto parts manufacturing.Tianhai grow thanks to the development of national auto good policy, thanks to have the wisdom of Lv Chao chairman of the board of directors as the core team, tianhai will "industry, return society" as the value orientation of strategic development, the enterprise's future and national destiny closely together, determined to make national automobile brand in the national industry yi yi is unripe brightness.On the internal management, "employees, customers first" as the enterprise values, advocacy humanized management, seek development by innovation.For many years, the advanced concept of talent are the pillar of tianhai unceasingly enterprising, has the first-class talented person, can take technical barriers, to consolidate and expand the transformation of science and technology achievements, for enterprise infuse vigor, maintained a strong momentum of development.