What are the symptoms of a broken car battery?


The symptoms of a broken car battery are that the lights are not on, the fire cannot be started, the central control fails, the generator does not charge, etc. A car battery, also known as a battery, is a type of battery, and its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Usually, what people say about batteries refers to lead-acid batteries. That is, a battery mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. The battery is most afraid of low temperature. In a low temperature environment, the battery capacity is much lower than that at room temperature. Therefore, we need to check and maintain in time. In daily life, we should pay attention to: 1. Avoid parking the car in the open parking lot for a long time. If you park for a long time, you must remove the battery and take it away to prevent the battery from freezing and damaging. 2. The car engine is not easy to start in winter. The time to start the car should not exceed 5 seconds each time, and the interval between restarting should not be less than 15 seconds. In the case that the ignition does not start after multiple starts, the cause should be found from other aspects such as the circuit, the ignition coil or the oil circuit. Avoid multiple uninterrupted starts, which will cause the battery to burn out due to excessive discharge. 3. The car battery should be charged frequently. The battery will slowly discharge itself if it is not used for a long time until it is scrapped. Therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery. 4. Clean the terminals of the battery every once in a while, and apply special grease to protect the wiring harness. Always check the accessories and connection lines on the battery. 5. It is forbidden to use car electrical appliances after the car is turned off. Using the battery alone when the engine does not generate electricity will cause damage to it.