What's the difference between American and Chinese cars


American-standard cars refer to cars produced in accordance with American traffic regulations, while Chinese-standard cars refer to cars produced in accordance with Chinese traffic regulations. Is it better to buy a Chinese-spec car or an American-spec car? Generally speaking, Chinese-standard cars are definitely more suitable for Chinese people than American-standard cars. After all, they are produced in accordance with Chinese regulations. Especially in dealing with oil and chassis suspension to deal with road conditions, Chinese-spec cars will be better than American-spec cars. In addition, medium-sized cars usually have a manufacturer's quality guarantee, which is also good for the later maintenance of the vehicle. However, there may be some US-spec cars that are cheaper than Chinese-spec cars, such as the Prado. However, many U.S.-spec cars or cars from other countries are not sold by manufacturers, and are only guaranteed by parallel import car dealers. The reliability is not so high, so although American-spec cars are cheap, there are risks everywhere.