R & D strength

The company has the ability to independently develop products, and has established extensive cooperative relations with domestic and foreign gearbox factories. The company can not only process drawings for users, but also fully have independent research and development capabilities to develop new products for customers and reflect user value.
The series of double-cone synchronizer assemblies and short-stroke serialized synchronizer assemblies developed by the company have been widely used in transmissions of various specifications.
The company also conducts in-depth research on synchronizer friction materials, in addition to basic friction materials such as copper alloys, in-depth research and development of non-metallic friction materials such as resin, carbon fiber, and carbon particles.
The force-increasing synchronizer developed by the company has the ability to increase the capacity of the synchronizer by more than 20% under the condition that the friction diameter of the synchronizer remains unchanged, thereby improving the performance of the synchronizer and reducing the cost of the synchronizer. According to the company's product characteristics, relying on the scientific research strength of relevant universities and research institutes, the synchronizer test bench has been jointly developed with Southeast University and Nanjing Automobile Research Institute. The test bench can meet the test of the life and related performance of the synchronizer under the whole box shape. The product design is verified by the test and reflected in the product design in time, which further improves the design quality of the product.