Don't care about the waves before and after, strength determines the status of the rivers and lakes


The tiger roars, the green hills are thousands of miles, the brocade wind blows the green willows, and the spring is full." With the approaching of the Year of the Tiger in Renyin, the Spring Festival is close at hand. Every wanderer who has left his hometown has a dream of returning home. Buying a car, in front of the villagers, A round of Chinese children in the village's CBD has become a picture of "Benefits of face". However, affected by the general environment of the epidemic, "every penny is used on the edge of the knife" is the most popular life attitude at the moment.
Buying a car is no exception. An urban SUV that is multi-purpose and stylish is the first choice for many people. And all this is done in Dongfeng Honda CR-V, ALL IN ONE.